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The growth rate of Idaho continues to shock and disturb many locals. However, Idaho isn’t the only state experiencing rapid growth. States like Arizona, Utah, and Florida are right behind Idaho. The increased influx of people is due to neighboring states like California, Oregon, and Washington, where the cost of living has become unlivable for many. Idaho is projected to experience a jump in the tech industry, with most of the house-hunters being California locals. For veterans, servicemembers, and active-duty family members, this means the competition for purchasing homes is high. Luckily, a VA Home Loan can help you qualify for your dream home without needing a down payment.

Why Idaho Is the Place to Be

Idaho is one of those flyover states for many. Often times if you tell someone you live in Idaho, they say “sorry”. This is confusing because they are clearly missing out on all of the attractive aspects Idaho has to offer, and the statistics say otherwise, too. If anything, the locals would rather people be deterred from moving here. So first thing’s first, let’s find out why you should consider a VA Home Loan in Idaho.

Low-Cost of Living

Without loan limits, veterans have a bigger pool of houses to pick from if they qualify for an amount greater than $300,000. Idaho is cheaper than the US average, coming in at 97.7 with a median housing price of $263,900.


Idaho attracts the people who enjoy having white winters and hot summers. In the Boise area, you can experience all four seasons in their entirety. Fall and spring are very moderate in temperature and make for some scenic photographs with the foliage. The state capitol, Boise, is the City of Trees after all! Check out some of the most scenic photographs of Idaho on Pinterest.

Very Low Crime Rate

Idaho is an ideal place to raise a family. Especially with it having one of the lowest crime rates in the nation. Your chance of falling victim to violent crime in Idaho is 2.67 per 1,000, compared to 4.49 nationally.

The City & Country Life

Idaho is still very rural in a lot of areas. With the increase in population, you should purchase the land you want before it’s bought out. What’s great about the still-developing state is that you can get a taste of the outdoors and city life without having to travel for hours on end. The capital city of Boise is surrounded by hills where hiking, biking, and running are a lifestyle must. During the warmer months, the Boise River will open so the public can float the river in rafts, kayaks, and boats. If you want to escape the noisy city life (even though the city is quaint) you can drive about 20 minutes out and be in more agricultural areas. If you enjoy city life, then walking the entire downtown area and exploring the shops and restaurants can take up a whole day.

Time to Move

Idaho has a lot to offer. With the affordability, outdoor excursions, and family-friendliness, choosing Idaho as a place to settle after your service is ideal. It also is a place where your family is safe to live if you were needed in other parts of the US. Speak with a VA Home Loan lender in Boise to discuss your options.

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