Summer Home Maintenance To-Do List

By May 27, 2020 October 12th, 2020 Home Maintenance
Two-story family home.

The sound of lawnmowers running on a Saturday morning and the smell of hot dogs on the barbecue can only mean one thing: Summer is finally here in Idaho.
With Summer comes home maintenance to keep it looking as great and comfortable as when you bought it, if not better. If you’ve recently purchased a home with your VA Home Loan and are looking for ways to make your home the envy of the block, here are 4 maintenance items we’ve put together to help you.

1. Take Care of Your Lawn

A great looking lawn can easily make your home look ten times better. Grass can be hard to take care of if you don’t have much experience, though. If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to throw some fertilizer on your lawn. Fertilizer, depending on which kind you buy, can help your lawn grow a lot thicker and faster.
Another good product to use is “weed & feed”. It can be bought with a nozzle that allows you to attach it to the hose, making it easier to spray across the whole lawn. The spray will help get your lawn some valuable nutrients for growth, as well as kill any weeds you have in the lawn. If you aren’t experienced with taking care of lawns, it would help to call or visit an expert. The employees are very knowledgeable and can help your lawn no matter the situation.

2. Touch Up the Exterior

Summer is a great time to touch up the exterior of your home. A great place to start is by touching up the paint outside. Whether you have kids who love to throw balls at the exterior or just small scratches from accidentally pushing the barbecue against it, there’s bound to be some spots that could be painted. If you don’t have the color of your house, there are companies that can paint match to make sure it’s exactly the same. Something else that can be done to the exterior of your home is cleaning the outside of the windows. It’s an easy task that makes your house look better quickly.

3. Air Conditioning Unit Upkeep

One of the most important things is to make sure your AC unit is in tip-top shape. It can be hard in the hot Idaho summer to be without air conditioning, so making sure there are no signs of problems that could develop is crucial. This is likely something you’ll want a professional to do unless you have experience with air conditioning units. Something simple you could do on your own is to change out the filter within the unit. Depending on the material of the filter in the unit, you should change this at least every six months.

4. Gutters and Drains

Gutters and drains can often get clogged up by leaves, sticks, and other debris that might fall on your roof. Cleaning out the drains and gutters will improve their effectiveness. Clogged gutters can cause water to overflow and pour out in random spots as opposed to where the drain is designed to go. This can lead to water damage to your home or damaging the landscaping. Summer is the best time to do this job, as no one wants to be on the roof in the winter. If you aren’t experienced with being on roofs, you may want to call a professional to clean your drains.

Other Maintanance

These maintenance tips are all simple, and generally not very costly. If there are other major maintenance items needed for your home that are more expensive, give VA Home Loans of Idaho a call to talk about refinancing options. They have several options for refinancing, and a staff that is more than willing to help with all of your questions, big and small!

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