Getting Your Lawn Ready for Spring

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In Idaho, we’re slowly but surely inching closer to spring. We’re starting to get warmer and warmer days, and as we get into the 60’s it’s time to devise your plan of action to make your lawn look great. There’s a lot of prep work that goes into a good looking lawn, and it starts early. And of course, what’s a great house without a great looking lawn? Below, our Idaho VA Home Loan Experts have compiled a list of the best tips for prepping your lawn for spring. Take a look!

Do Some Deep Raking

Deep raking is something that you can start pretty early on in the spring/late winter that will set your lawn apart when it starts growing. The goal of deep raking is to get rid of any excessive thatch. Thatch is essentially dead leaves, branches, roots, flowers, and any other dead greens. Though it’s generally not a huge problem, thatch that’s too thick can become a barrier for all the things a lawn needs to grow; water, air, and fertilizer. Removing the excess thatch will help your lawn grow much better come springtime.

Lay Down Some Fertilizer

Something you shouldn’t do until you start watering your lawn, but is equally important to grass growth as removing thatch, is laying down fertilizer. There are liquid fertilizers that can both promote growth of your grass and kill any weeds you have. Solid fertilizers are little pellets that will work their way into the soil and help growth. Using fertilizer on early on is a good way to get a head start on your lawn, and will set you up for success as late spring and summer comes on.


Overseeding is essentially the process of scattering extra seed all over your lawn to promote growth where there may be bare patches. If you want your lawn to look the best, you should find out what kind of grass you have. From there, you can buy the type of seed that matches grass you already have. If you don’t mind, you can generally get any type of grass that is best suited for growing in your region.

If you have any questions about securing a loan so you can buy a home and start taking care of your lawn, be sure to contact VA Home Loans Idaho. We’re here to help with anything you might need regarding home loans or mortgage refinancing.

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