VA Benefits Don’t Stop At Home Loans

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Applying for a VA home loan during or after serving in the military is just one benefit of serving our country. The Treasure Valley offers many sources of assistance if you are eligible for veterans affairs. The list of benefits is extensive and has a large variety of services in which you can receive assistance. The VA Home Loans team wants to ensure you are fully informed on the support systems you have access to. You can read up on a few of them below!

Mental Health Care

Mental health and substance abuse resources are often pushed to the side because of the negative stigma around mental care. Many people refuse to believe they need treatment and neglect to utilize it. Treatment centers are often more than willing to help with PTSD or any issues that may have been caused from your military. If you are eligible for VA Home Loans you will also be eligible for care centers within the handbook. Eligibility for VA mental health care benefits include:

  • Veterans
  • Active-Duty Personnel
  • Reserve Members
  • National Guard Members
  • Some Surviving Spouses

Educational Assistance

A college degree gives you a competitive edge over other applicants in any job that you apply for. The educational assistance from VA benefits is an overlooked resource. Most universities and trade schools offer some sort of financial aid if you have military experience. One of Boise State University’s best accolades is being named a “Military Friendly School” by G.I. Jobs Magazine for three consecutive years. If you’re not looking to go to college, the Wyakin Warrior Foundation provides training, networking, and job placement for wounded veterans. In most situations, free college or training is offered for serving our country, so take advantage of your opportunities regarding higher education!

Employment Assistance

The Treasure Valley unemployment rate is 3.8%. Boise, let alone Idaho, takes pride in having a low unemployment rate even for veterans. Here are three employment organizations that will help you find the perfect job for you!

Idaho Department of Labor

The Idaho Department of Labor offers veterans free job search workshops, resume assistance, and priority job referrals. They can be found all over Idaho and there are numerous department locations for your convenience!

Boise VA Regional Office

If you want more information focused on VA benefits, the Boise VA Regional Office Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment center gives eligible VA recipients employment assistance with occupations that allow veterans to work with their disability.

Vets 4 Success

Vets 4 Success is a non-profit paired with VA Home Loans that gives veterans and active members employment opportunities. With a specialty in thrift stores and donation centers, Vets 4 Success gives veteran benefits such as free clothing, employment, and support at the storefront.

Housing Assistance

The housing assistance that the VA provides is second to none. If you are a military community home looking to refinance or acquire a home loan, VA Home Loans offers exceptional service to get a loan for 0% down. These loans are all verified through the Department of Veteran Affairs and do not require private mortgage insurance. If you’ve already purchased a home loan, refinancing options are offered to lower your interest rates. Different refinancing options are available and can even be “rolled” into the loan amount.

Take advantage of VA resources by checking out our Veterans’ Community Resource Guide on our website to see which support systems you can utilize. If you have any questions or are interested in a VA home loan, contact VA Home Loans Idaho!

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