Top Areas In Boise For You and Your Family To Reside In

By August 13, 2021 Home Loans
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With the Treasure Valley and Boise Metropolitan area’s housing markets booming, now might be the time to house hunt before properties get filled and inflation continues to increase pricing. At VA Home Loans of Idaho, we hope you put that newly acquired loan to the best use possible, which is why we compiled a list of great neighborhoods for you and your family to become a part of!

East End

Coming back from deployment, one might seek an environment that thrives under an identity of comfort, family, and safety. Heck, that’s an ideal neighborhood for any family or individual! East End has quickly become a popular destination for families around the state, along with residents coming from out of state. From the family-friendly environment to the public schools that are a hop skip and a jump away, East End has the attributes many people seek. According to, East End is seen as a fantastic neighborhood, receiving an “A” rating from the market leader in connecting colleges and schools with students and families. With hundreds of reviews giving the nearby schools 4 to 5 stars, one can see how this is an attractive element to choosing this neighborhood.

North End

Taking a slight detour from East End, we look further out towards the foothills of Boise where North End lies. Amongst the roughly 12,000 people who live in this residency, there remains a common denominator that seems to hover around the neighborhood being friendly and being a part of a tight knit community. With a strong number of people within North End, one can see how creating a positive atmosphere will make your living experience even greater. In this lovely neighborhood, family meet and greets are quite common, and the kids in the neighborhood tend to all get along. Furthermore, if you want to leave your child with his friends while you slip out the back door, there are plenty of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and more close by North End! It also helps to mention that this neighborhood remains close to the foothills of Boise, which are home to beautiful hikes, breathtaking views, and if your timing and positioning is good enough… remarkable sunsets!
We hope you reach out to us about qualifying for a VA home loan so you can capture all Boise has to offer! Not just for you, but your family as well!

Southeast Boise

Do you enjoy sports, hiking, and entertainment close by? It just so happens Southeast Boise checks all those boxes. Just a few minutes away from Boise State, blue and orange bleeds in the community, making Boise State games quite the temptation! However, not everyone is a football fan, let alone a Bronco fan… to each their own! Luckily for you and your family, this neighborhood is tightly knitted into the community, being only a few minutes away from the grocery stores, restaurants, and parks that surround the campus. To add the cherry on top, right next to your house resides one of Boise’s most heavily populated attractions, the Boise river! On a scorching hot day, the Boise river provides tubes (you can also bring your own) for people all day as they enjoy the six-mile float down the shifty river. With a few sections that feel like a white water rafting trip, this river definitely adds some excitement to the mix.
At VA Home Loans of Idaho, we want you to be able to enjoy all these amazing amenities the Treasure Valley and Boise Metro have to offer! Call now to ask us about what loans we have for you and if you’re eligible to qualify for one!

Idaho is a fantastic place to live, and has only seen an increase in residency! People have begun to realize what this great state has to offer, and we want you to as well! The VA process does not have to feel like a burden, which is why we believe you won’t regret reaching out to us for your loan needs! Call today, or reach out to receive a quote from Devin Farhner and our team at VA Home Loans of Idaho!

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