6 Ways to Increase Your Homes Value

Large home with solar panels

Idaho has a booming housing market, and because people from all walks of life are moving to the Gem State home value is at an all time high. Whether it’s planting some flowers, changing some bulbs or upgrading some appliances, little upgrades will make your home even more beautiful and valued. Check out the options below on ways to increase your home value.

Updating Appliances

How old are your refrigerator and oven? Have you ever updated them? Not only are the new appliances packed with great features, they are smarter and more efficient. They are big purchases with big price tags, but they can save you money over time. Many new fridges use much less energy than older models and toilets can be switched out to use less water per flush, both can save you money each month.
Clean & new appliances will increase your home’s value. Try to get your appliances to match around your home, and this will be a great selling point. Many people are opting for stainless steel appliances because they are both pretty and timeless.

Smart Technology

Our phones can do basically anything nowadays. We use them mainly to communicate with other people but what about closing our garage, checking in on pets or locking our doors? Smart technology is the new wave of technology and helps enhance a home’s safety and functionality. It is becoming more readily available with hundreds of ways to upgrade your home to make it “smarter”. Some devices include smart thermostats, door locks, cameras, and fire/carbon monoxide detectors.
These devices allow you to have control over your home from anywhere. They give you peace of mind when you are not home and if your loved ones are. You are constantly connected and this is a great addition to a home when selling. If you tell potential buyers they can press a button to open the blinds or change the temperature, they will love it.

Curb Appeal

A pretty home will sell better than one with weeds and a messy yard. Curb appeal is very important and is the first chance to make a good impression on home buyers. If someone doesn’t like the outside, they won’t want to see the inside.
Yard Work is important! Cut the grass regularly, plant some flowers, add some decorations, paint the front door, and spruce up the front a bit. In the backyard, make sure it’s presentable and if large enough, style it appropriately. These are some easy changes that make a house go from eh to wow!


Have you thought about adding some extra square footage to your home? The larger the home is the more you can sell it for. If possible, you could knock some walls down to open up the space or add an extra room.
Perhaps you have a blocked off kitchen or living room area. Knocking down a few walls could open the space up making it seem larger. Open floor plans are very popular currently, as people like having space to entertain or roam around easily.
In the backyard, consider adding a deck or a space to entertain and socialize with others. Adding some outdoor furniture also adds a fun element many homes do not have.

Energy Efficient Changes

Power and water bills are expensive. People are moving to more energy efficient applications and options to save money and help the environment. Switching out incandescent light bulbs for LEDs is a great way to save money over time. The lightbulb may be a little more expensive upfront, but will save a lot of energy and money a few months post purchase.
Solar Panels come with a hefty price tag but great life savings. They can significantly lower your electricity bill and boost your property value. Many people in warmer climates with solar panels don’t spend any money on their electricity bills because the solar panels produce enough energy to power the home. This is very dependent on your location and sun exposure though. Talk to a professional to determine if solar panels would benefit you.


Was your home built over 60 years ago? Are there lots of things in your home that are old and have never been replaced? Oftentimes when the fundamentals are replaced, it makes the whole home run smoother and cheaper. Check how old your water heater and garbage disposal are. Do they work as well as they should/could? Maybe upgrading them is a smart move for the financial side and your safety.
Some of these options can be pretty expensive but we are here to help. Active military and veterans can refinance with VA Home loans. Use this money to invest back into your home to receive more money in the future! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!

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