5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Home

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Probably the most important factor is where you want to live? Are you moving somewhere in the same town/area or across the country? Are you moving for work, will it be short term or is it your forever home? There are lots of things to consider when looking at potential homes. Once you know the area you want to live in, its important to look at the factors within the area that may affect your decision.

  • Is it a safe neighborhood? Do you feel comfortable and okay with your children being out and about?
  • How far is it from your work? Do you need to drive 20+ minutes each way or is it a quick 5 minute drive.
  • Close to good schools? If you have children or plan to in the future it’s important to see which school district you fall under, if you like it and how far it is?
  • Are there grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and other things close by? Do you want to be living in a booming city or far away from the noise?

Definitely important to consider the location and the impacts of it. If you are closer to work does that mean you’re closer to a noisy airport or far away and far from grocery stores? Think of what you want to be close to and if that’s possible in the area you like.

Family Size

How large of a home do you need? Is it just you and a significant other, or do you hope to grow your family in the future? It’s good to plan ahead and understand what your future few years will look like. This will help you decide what type of home style you want. Something less trendy and more kid friendly, or no kids and super hip and fun.
There are also other things to consider within the home. Do you want every kid to have their own room or do you want them to share? Whatever you prefer there are options out there for you. Some other questions to ask yourself are;

  • Are there enough bathrooms?
  • Do you have space for an office or guest room, if you want one?
  • Can you renovate in the future?

Homes can be very expensive, but the number one regret of homebuyers is not buying a big enough home. Plan ahead and make sure you have enough space for your loved ones.

Personal Needs

Everyone has a different style and prefers different layouts and home types. Recognizing your family’s needs are important. Do you want a nice kitchen and your husband wants a nice garage? Everyone’s values should be on the table and respected.
If you are active, or have a dog, maybe a larger yard is your priority? Or if you are a big cook, have a spacious kitchen. Do you enjoy entertaining? A large open space is helpful. Do you have a lot of stuff? Have enough closets and storage spaces.
Another important aspect depending on the area is parking. Less available in big cities, do you want a lot of parking spaces with a driveway or is street parking okay?
Everyone has their own preferences and it’s important to find a home that can check all or almost all your wishlist needs.


Pretty self-explanatory, but what is your budget? Does your current lifestyle support the mortgage on your home? Will you be able to afford traveling, shopping, and other expenses you incur. Does your work provide any support on areas to live in and a housing stipend? There are lots of other bills that come with a home; water, power, electricity, etc. Can you pay these as well, not living paycheck to paycheck.
Here at VA Home Loans, we can help you if you are needing the extra money to purchase your dream home.

Do you love it?

Do you think it’s your dream home? Or at least love most of it? If you don’t, keep looking. The house hunting process can be scary and difficult but it’s worth it if you find your dream home by waiting. The housing market moves quickly, so finding a trustworthy and smart real estate agent can be very beneficial. Don’t sit back and let your home get snatched, make smart decisions and review your wants and needs in a home.
Looking at all the factors of a home, you can avoid making some common home buying mistakes. Remember to follow your heart and make your own decisions. It’s easier to afford thanks to a VA home loan. Contact us today if you need help with anything!

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